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저는 최종적으로

LCC, Kingston University, Southampton University, Westminster University

이렇게 4군데 지원했는데요


최종 연락을 받았던 Kingston과 Southampton 대학교에서는 인터뷰를 따로 요구하지 않았어요

분명 사이트에는 전화인터뷰가 있다고 써있었는데 말이죠


하지만 저는 인터뷰 준비를 2개월이나 했기때무네… 봤으면 어땠을까 하는 생각도 가끔 들어요

인터뷰 준비는 전화영어를 했어요! 주5일 30분씩이지만 결과적으로 후에 IELTS 스피킹 준비할때도 도움이 됐어요

어쨋든 이 글을 보시는 여러분들중 누군가는 인터뷰를 기다리고 계시겠죠?


그래서 제가 질문들을 주로 참고했던 사이트 첨부해드릴게요

1,2 번은 석사 관련 인터뷰 예상질문들이고

3번은 학사 인터뷰 예상질문이지만 본질은 비슷하다고 생각해서 어떻게 답변했는지 참고를 했어요 🙂


그리고 첨부파일에 전화영어 할때 선생님이 뽑아주셨던 인터뷰 질문들도 첨부해놓을게요

필요하신 분들은 다운받아서 사용하세요!



1. Interview Questions for Art & Design (http://m.grb.uk.com/interview-questions-art-and-design)


When creating graphics, what do you feel is the most important aspect: Planning, design or implementation … And why?


The aspect of graphics that you choose is not the important part of the question. It is only important that you can justify your choice. Planning would be the most common response and the easiest to justify, so choosing design or implementation will allow you to differentiate yourself. The best responses will end by the candidate acknowledging why each stage is important and describing how they must all come together for a successful end product.


In the past, what was your favorite project and why?

This is an open question that will allow you to pick up lots of points. It may be a good idea to use your most impressive project as an example as this will display you in the best light. Say it was your favorite project because it was challenging and it was satisfying to overcome any difficulties. If you have any professional work done outside of college or university it may be a good idea to highlight this.


Where do you go for inspiration?

This is an informal question. The interviewer wants to get to know you better so extend your answer. Your choice of inspiration is not as important as your justification of that choice. A good choice would be a source of inspiration that is accessible on a daily basis, as your employer may not be impressed if you want to pop off to Machu Picchu in the middle of the week.



2. <석사 인터뷰 10가지>

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3. <학사 인터뷰 10가지>
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